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Welcome To Trust Techniques – Alternatives To Controlled Crying

Baby not sleeping? It’s OK, you’re not alone.

My name is Rebecca Welton. I am a mother to two children, and when my youngest arrived he was a terrible sleeper. At five months, he was still waking 8 to 10 times a night. All the advice was to do controlled crying. So what did I do? I devised my own Trust Techniques – gentle, effective methods of helping my baby to sleep better and for longer.

I am now a qualified child sleep practitioner and have helped hundreds of families get the sleep they need.

My book, Baby Sleeping Trust Techniques, has my twelve top tips to help your baby sleep better and for longer, along with five different Trust Techniques to suit all families.

My Book

“An easy and understandable book proving clear tips and advice for helping a baby to sleep. Written honestly and with personal anecdotes it feels more like advice from a good friend than a technique book. I would highly recommend reading – it’s been a godsend to us.”


Full of insightful and practical guidance, you will learn:

  • The best tips and ideas to help babies sleep, and nap, better and for longer.
  • Five different settling techniques, including one for co-sleepers, to suit all families.
  • The effects a sleepless baby has on other members of the family, especially older siblings, and provides strategies for dealing with this.
  • How to cope with sleep deprivation.

So What Is A Trust Technique?

My aim in devising these Trust Techniques was to have a selection of strategies that families can use to help their babies learn how to sleep better and for longer. I am a firm believer that one-size-does-not-fit-all in parenting, and this is especially true with settling techniques.  There are five different Trust Techniques, including one for co-sleepers – so you can be confident there is one to suit your baby and family.

They are all alternatives to controlled crying and crying-it-out. It was important to me that my techniques fit into a gentle parenting ethos, and would not damage the bond of trust between a parent and her baby. Indeed, the techniques build on that bond of trust between parents and their children.  The Trust Techniques are all flexible and put you, as the parent, in control of how quickly you wish to progress.  They are all proven, effective methods of helping your baby or child sleep better, and for longer.

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How Can I Help?

Want personalised help for your family? No problem. As a qualified sleep practitioner I also do private consultations. With the wonders of the internet, and in particular Skype, I help families all across the world.

If this is something you are interested in, fill in the contact form and I will be touch shortly.

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What Parents Say

“This book changed my life. We used the Peekaboo Baby technique along with some of the tips and after 5 days Lucas slept through – for the first time in 10 months! The difference it has made to our family is amazing – Rebecca Welton thank you so much.”

Poppy, mum to Lucas

“Totally awesome book! Love the fact that the author really knows what she is talking about as she’s been through it herself and the chapter on coping with sleep deprivation really helped me. Pixie was still feeding 3 to 4 times a night but now sleeps through 7pm to 7am.”

Jess, mum to Pixie and Jordan

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